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The United States Peace Index was launched in Washington D.C. today!

The U.S. Peace Index is the first in a series of national peace indices that the Institute for Economics and Peace will be releasing to complement and build on its highly respected Global Peace Index. The aim is to further understand the types of environments that are associated with peace and its economic impacts at a more specific regional level.

For the first time, the U.S. Peace Index (USPI) ranks the fifty U.S. states based on their levels of peace.

The USPI reveals that Maine is America’s most peaceful state while New York, California and Texas have seen the largest improvements in peace since the early 1990’s. The Institute’s analysis also identifies that there are hundreds of billions of dollars in economic impact to be gained from reducing violence across America.

United States Peace Index – 2011, Results Summary

The first-ever ranking of the 50 U.S. states by the Institute for Economics and Peace shows that Maine is the most peaceful state in America, followed by New Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota and North Dakota.

The United States Peace Index also shows Louisiana is the least peaceful state with Tennessee, Nevada, Florida and Alabama also scoring lower levels of peacefulness.

Key Findings

- First-ever ranking of peace in the U.S. shows the nation has become more peaceful since 1995
- Reductions in violent crime and incarceration to levels equal to Canada would yield an estimated $361 billion in direct savings and additional economic activity, and potentially create 2.7 million jobs
- New York, California and Texas record highest increases in peace since 1991, while North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana see largest declines
- Peace is significantly correlated with factors related to economic opportunity, education and health
- Peace is politically neutral – neither Republican nor Democratic states have an advantage

For the full U.S. Peace Index report and other key Institute data please visit the Vision of Humanity website.

Significant economic benefits

The U.S. Peace Index report identifies that a reduction in violent crime and incarceration to Canadian levels would yield an estimated $89 billion in direct savings and $272 billion in additional economic activity. This additional economic activity has the potential to create 2.7 million jobs which would significantly reduce unemployment.

Additionally, the report provides each state with its estimated “total cost of violence” ranging from $656 per person in one state to as high as $2,458 in another.

For more info or to download the full report and maps please visit our dedicated U.S. Peace Index page.

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Comment by Prof. Fani Bhusan Das on April 8, 2011 at 1:46am

Mental Poverty and Sustainable Urban Housing

by Prof.Fanibhusan Das | Apr 08, 2011

I continue my efforts to redefine life with confidence through incorporating "Energy of Spirituality" in Sustainable Urban Housing; as only TIME will speak how my IDEA on the issue would have brought about liveable and peaceful Habitat and Housing.It requires courage to accept bold changes that revolutionalse life, but humans fail as they suffer from mental poverty.I can not conceive how sustainable housing can be built to enrich human habitat without linking to "Science of Spirituality". It is well known that human intellect has become static, as a result new ideas for change are rejected.The "staticness" in human intelligence is the outcome of ego, status, creating barriers for entry of non-entities into the "recognition field" etc for which not only housing but human civilisation is heading towards its "doomsday"- when NO HUMAN WILL BE THERE TO TELL THE TALE OF HUMANS.CHANGE is a great word and we must not only understand but realise its future implications.Change must teach us to heal, purify and unify our spirit, mind and body to live with harmony and peace with each other through "smart design" of sustainable housing through blending of technology, ecology, sociology, economy with the COMMON THREAD OF SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALISM which creates an electric field to only accept POSITIVE CHANGE for the wellness of humans in their lives.
Let us hope that someday some CHANGEMAKERS will accept this basic of human life and promote it.

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