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Mimi Lenox

The 20 Day countdown to BlogBlast For Peace begins with quotations from famous peace activists - You

I am listening to the voices of peace bloggers.
I have long maintained that while there is significant noise in numbers, the real power of the peace globe movement lies in the eloquent prose buried deep in the pages of peace posts from Nigeria to Switzerland. Across the diverse ocean divide known as the blogosphere, there are real neighborhoods and real people who one day found themselves scribbling the words Dona nobis pacem - Grant us peace on a blue graphic, unaware that in this great age of lightning fast technology, enemies and foreign foes alike were forming a not-so-silent treaty; and as the voices grew in depth and diversity, I began to see the possibility that a revolution of change might truly begin.
I know this because it began in me.

Click here to read more of this article. The 20 day countdown begins with our first peace activist, a lady in Sicily....

You have a voice.
What will you say on November 4?

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