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I wonder if the police and military forces have the authority to tell the government when such forces are being misused for a purpose other then peace actions?

If no such authority exists then I would question the intellectual aptitude and intentions of such forces conscious awareness.

Many people make comments to me about police in the nature of acting like dogs trained by the rich rather then the powers that be for the people. "citizens"

Much concern...

People have been abused by such forces in the past and claims.

Although, I respect the police and was in the National Guard.

The police do a job yet who decides when the police are being misused?

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Comment by Ryan Sheldon Lewis on May 7, 2010 at 8:11pm
Maybe, the police should be making sure that the Government isn't choking it's people into submission.
Maybe, the police should be telling US that punishing people is more of a fire starter causing blistered children as apposed to the ladder that could be giving proper healthcare, proper education and free lotion.

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