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Updated Teaching Resources, "The Building Blocks of Peace"

The Institute for Economics and Peace has updated its series of downloadable teaching materials, the Building Blocks of Peace, that offer a fresh perspective to the issues surrounding global peace. A new module on peace and economics has been added, along with updated 2010 Global Peace Index data.

Available as separate modules or a combined curriculum, these comprehensive teaching aids will guide students to understand global peace and discover their own solutions to violence and conflict.

Unlike traditional peace education materials, these modules go beyond conflict resolution to explore the broader meaning of global peace and its impact on our daily lives.

By working through each module and the extensive supporting information provided, students will learn how to define peace for themselves and gain an understanding of the key factors that encourage peaceful society.

These education modules are not restricted to any single curriculum area. Schools can easily customize activities to meet their needs and teachers have complete flexibility to offer learning within a range of subjects, or through special projects and theme days.

The Building Blocks of Peace offers:

  • Four free peace education modules designed for 14 to 16 year olds
  • Unique breadth of coverage – built on the latest global peace research
  • Exclusive links to information sources including the Global Peace Index and video clips from the acclaimed documentary Soldiers of Peace
  • Comprehensive curriculum guides, complete with teacher notes, student handouts, assessment suggestions and extension activities

The Building Blocks of Peace is available for free download here:

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