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What A Wonderful Way To Start A Morning!

(This guest post was sent in by Joyce Lang, District Leader from Maryland #4. Thanks, Joyce!)

This morning I came down stairs, got a glass of water as usual to begin my day and opened the Saturday morning Washington Post. And right there, in a headline smack in the middle of the front page, was the word "peace". It was big and it was bold.

This was amazing. As a peace activist, I’ve had lots of people tell me that we need to use a different word; that the Department of Peace should call itself something else; that people don’t want to hear or much less use the word peace. And my answer is always the same…"but that’s exactly why we must use it". Perhaps we need to define it better but we all need to use the word more in order to create the culture of peace we want.

The next part is even more startling. The story in the Post was about how our Senators, on both sides of the aisle, are working together on a major piece of legislation. My mind wandered back to last summer’s health bill debate and I thought, who ever said there are no miracles.

On a more serious note, the many important issues that are current in our country and in the world require leaders with a high module of thinking that understands what’s best for the whole. Those of us on a conscious and clear path of peace have a knowing that this is a huge shift in the movement to create a culture of peace on the planet. Please acknowledge your Senators and the Washington Post for taking this step.

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Comment by Ryan Sheldon Lewis on May 9, 2010 at 5:47am
I guess peace may find itself a home after all. I'm going to the gym...

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