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Youth PROMISE act adds 56 new cosponsors in June (so far!)

If you're into civic activism, this is really amazing to watch!

The community is continuing to have a huge impact on the Youth PROMISE act! The concerted effort to lobby Representatives in the House since the Youth PROMISE act (H.R. 1064) was first introduced has lead to some very encouraging results. In the month of May, 31 new co-sponsors signed on, bringing the total number of cosponsors to 115 at the end of May. Already in June, 56 new cosponsors have signed on, bringing the total to 171! This represents 39% of the House - the tipping point is 50%, or 218 cosponsors. So, we need at least another 47 cosponsors. If your Representative does not yet support H.R. 1064, (check out and search on bill number H.R. 1064 to find out) please send them a note via and ask that they do so. We're on a roll!

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Tags: h.r. 1064, nonviolence, peace, youth violence


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